All about Suzanne Dubois


Suzanne was born in 1906, the daughter of Madame and Monsieur Dubois, owners of the Hôtel Saint Sulpice. In the 1920s it was a small hotel with a homely atmosphere, lodging a number of students and a few American tourists, which were fairly rare at the time.

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It was thanks to her guests that Yvonne was able to learn to speak English with confidence. She met Odette, Claudine, Jean-Charles, Henri and Serge while playing in the Jardin du Luxembourg not far from the hotel.

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Their friendship continued despite the numerous events and changes in their lives. All of them were lucky enough to have parents who wanted a proper education for their children, and it was undoubtedly for this reason that they all attended the Lycée Montaigne. Jean-Charles – son of a manufacturer – quickly fell in love with Yvonne, but it was she who quickly realised their relationship would never work because of their very different backgrounds. To keep this impossible relationship from her mind, she busied herself with her studies of English and spent much time at the cinema and theatre, her secret passions.

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She became friendly with the ushers at the Théâtre de l’Odéon, often attending the Sunday matinée performance, and went to the cinema as often as possible, her favourite spot being the superb Hippodrome at place Clichy. To earn a little pocket money, she often babysat for a wealthy family that lived opposite the Hôtel Saint Sulpice. One Wednesday in early 1925, while playing with the children in the Jardin du Luxembourg, she encountered a rich American woman asking for directions. Seeing that Suzanne was a beautiful young woman fluent in English, the woman asked Yvonne to come to the United States to be the nanny for her children. Yvonne departed on 15th April 1925, leaving a heartbroken Jean-Charles behind her.

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