Charles is dreaming


Charles was excited. Walking in nervous circles in front of Trocadero, he was supposed to be meeting Suzanne for the opening of the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts. He had been eagerly waiting for this event ever since it was announced, and had gained an invitation thanks to his father’s friend Pierre Jeanneret.

affiche expo

Charles was looking forward to discovering the Tourism Pavilion designed by Robert Mallet-Stevens and the New Spirit Pavilion by Le Corbusier, hoping to meet both architects and talk to them about the Villa Baume project he had in mind – their help would be invaluable. This would be the villa where he and Suzanne would live.


In fact, his excitement was not entirely due to the inauguration – in his pocket was a ring that almost burnt his fingers, a ring of diamonds and sapphires that he had taken from his mother. His bags were ready and sitting in his superb Hispano Suiza.


Shortly, he would ask Suzanne to marry him and they would both leave Paris far, far behind. He knew that his parents would be disapproving of their marriage, but then they disapproved of so many things! Charles was quite prepared to defy his mother, a heartless snob who had forgotten that her father has been a lowly bouquiniste along the Seine. 30 minutes waiting already. Very strange. Suzanne is always very punctual. There’s a taxi. She’s finally here! But, but that’s Henri stepping out – what an odd surprise!

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