Claudine is ready to help


Claudine was finishing preparing her father’s lunch, sure to be another one of those mealtimes filled with Monsieur Leroy’s uncomfortable silences. It seemed impossible for his daughter to improve his disposition – five years had passed since her mother’s death, and Monsieur Leroy refused to leave this state of depressed mourning. Claudine couldn’t take it any more – she dreamed of wide-open spaces, running on the beach and tennis matches in Deauville.


A telegram arrived: « Please darling Claudine, meet us at my place. Odette is in tears on my bed! We need your help! Affectionately, Serge » Claudine couldn’t abandon her dear Odette, someone she loved like a big sister, even if Claudine didn’t always understand why. It was also an opportunity to leave behind the tomb-like atmosphere of the house. When she arrived at Serge’s house, he and Henri were on the point of leaving. Henri seemed rather upset, and Serge extremely annoyed. A lovers’ tiff? Serge had called a taxi to take them to the opening of the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts. We’re late, Charles is a boor, quick let’s get moving! Claudine stayed behind with Odette. She was embarrassed. What would Serge’s parents say if they found the two women in their son’s room? But the most important thing was to console Odette. Charles had almost certainly broken her heart.

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