Diamonds are Odette’s best friend


Odette Corindon was born into a wealthy family in the 6th arrondissement. Her father was a notary, looking after the real estate of important families living near the Luxembourg Gardens. Monsieur and Madame Corindon were very well respected. Odette was their only child, but Madame Corindon was such a social butterfly that she had neither the time nor the desire to look after her daughter.  A constant stream of nannies, childminders, governesses and private tutors passed through the family home, as Madame Corindon could not bear the idea that her daughter might like an employee more than her. And so it was that Odette grew up with very little affection, often left to her own devices.

She spent many an afternoon in the Luxembourg Gardens and fell in love with Charles the first time she set eyes on him. Despite recognising a serious rival in Suzanne, her friendship and affection were unflinching.

The more she grew up, the more Odette developed an exuberant character that often got her into trouble, especially at school where she narrowly avoided being expelled thanks to the family name.


Seeing that Charles was obviously not in love with her, she embarked on a number of romantic adventures that were frequently the subject of dinner party conversations, out of her parents’ earshot of course.


Serge was her partner in crime for nights on the town, becoming both a good friend and alibi. He was handsome and unattainable… Heads turned whenever they arrived at a restaurant or nightclub, and the Closerie des Lilas was one of their favourite haunts.


Odette spent hours in her mother’s bedroom, admiring and wearing her opulent jewellery. It became an obsession.


She also developed an unhealthy taste for chocolate, especially those made by the Maison Boissier that she had delivered in large quantities. This led to her developing a round figure that she did not try to hide…


After leaving school, without having had much success in her exams, Odette joined the Chéruit fashion house where she hoped to become head saleswoman. She got the job with a little help from Alice Alleaume – Madame Corindon was one of her best customers – but much to her parents’ exasperation, as they wanted her to become a lady of society and find a good husband.

Suzanne’s sudden departure for the United States changed everything – Odette immediately saw her chance and decided she would marry Charles at any cost.

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