Henri has a mission


Henri was upset. He had just left Suzanne after lunching at the Closerie des Lilas, a lunch that she had asked him to keep secret.


They had quite a lot of trouble hearing each other over the noise of the place, mostly due to a group of animated eccentrics they regularly bumped into there, including Breton and Soupault who both enjoyed hearing themselves speak (loudly and at length). This hubbub actually helped cushion the shock Henri received when he learned that Suzanne, his dear Suzanne was about to leave. No longer could he confide his feelings and problems to her, no more could he count on her kind advice in times of trouble.

Suzanne asked him for one last favour, as Charles was waiting for her at Trocadero, ready for the opening of the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts, and she knew he was about to ask for her hand in marriage and suggest they run away together. Suzanne has received a telegram from Odette, telling her everything.

Suzanne had other projects, and it was Henri’s painful mission to go to the rendezvous

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