Jewels and Jewellery

Art Deco brought fresh impetus to the art of jewellery, with new forms and styles. Designers such as Jean Fouquet (whose boutique has been recreated in the Carnavalet Museum), Raymond Templier and Gerard Sandoz used geometric shapes in their jewellery, giving a new modernity in harmony with this style that resolutely looked to the future.

In the 1930s magazine L’Illustration there are many advertisements for Burma jewellery, and the company in still in existence.

Burma has specialised in creating high-quality reproductions of jewellery since its creation in 1927. Their artistry has been kept a guarded secret, with products almost impossible to tell apart from the real thing. Their skills have marked the 20th century and continue into the 21st century.

Initially, production was based on copies of standard models in vermilion or silver set with imitation jewels, gaining success in the USA thanks to Michèle Morgan and Danielle Darrieux who wore Burma jewellery in successful films of the era. Perhaps the jewellery worn in George Cukor’s Little Women was made by Burma?


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