Odette is devastated


Odette was in a state of hysterics. The previous night, Charles had come to see her, a twinkle in his eye, to show her the superb ring he had ‘borrowed’ from his mother. “She won’t even notice,” he said “seeing the number of rings my father has given her already!” It was a beautiful ring, sporting a pretty diamond with a sapphire on each side.


He was so happy, stuttering, screaming almost, laughing, crying…

« I’ve arranged to meet Suzanne tomorrow for the opening of the Decorative Arts Fair! I’m going to ask her to marry me! »

He took Odette in his arms, sweeping her around the room in a waltz before quickly exiting the apartment.

Devastated, Odette ran to see Serge, so engulfed by tears that she was unable to explain what was the matter. Henri came to fetch Serge and accompany him to the opening of the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts, knowing what was to happen yet powerless to intervene.

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