Serge want to be honest


Serge was really very annoyed! He thought he was going to spend a quiet afternoon with Henri. They had planned on having lunch at the Closerie before going to the opening of the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts. Serge thought he would at last be able to tell Henri how he felt about him – their relationship had become absurd. They were always together, looking deeply into each others’ eyes, and yet they didn’t even dare hug each other when meeting.


He was tired of going to Magic City to meet with his clandestine friends – he wanted to spend his life with Henri! His great friend Joséphine has advised him to get everything off his chest, finally, and she was right! Those self-righteous gossips could go to hell. He didn’t care what they would say – he would go far away and let them jabber until another futile topic presented itself.

But Odette turned up unexpected, in tears. Her Charles was going to leave with Suzanne. Her Charles had betrayed her! But how had he betrayed her? Everyone knew that Charles had been in love with Suzanne for years. Odette really was cuckoo! What did she expect? There was no way to get rid of her. Henri has just arrived and didn’t look very well at all. Perhaps he too was annoyed by Odette’s incessant whimpering? To hell with the Closerie! Today was no the day for straight talk with Henri. However, missing the inauguration was out of the question. He sent a telegram to Claudine, asking her for help.

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