Suzanne is leaving for America!


Suzanne arranged to meet Charles at Trocadero at 4pm. The pretext for the rendezvous was the opening of the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts, but Suzanne knew Charles was going to ask for her hand in marriage – Odette had seen Charles with a diamond ring flanked by two sapphires, and almost burst into tears when she told Suzanne the story. However, Suzanne knew that Charles’ parents would never agree to the marriage, and that he would not have the courage to defy them. Mrs. Gordon, whom she had met in the Luxembourg Gardens, had bought a ticket for Suzanne to accompany her to Los Angeles and become the nanny for her adorable children.


Her bags were packed, and Suzanne couldn’t find the courage to say goodbye to her parents. She met up with Mrs. Gordon au the Lutetia and tried to put on a brave face despite the tears she had cried on the way there. Suzanne Dubois was leaving for America!


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